Yard Management System

Yard management is always in your pocket in the mobile application
Independence from marketplaces
Parts Evaluation Assistant (beta)
Advertising of spare parts on all sites
7 days free

Adding spare parts

Warehouse management

Flexible management of the warehouse structure: warehouses, rows, shelves, places and articles
Print tags with QR codes without complex equipment and setup
Scan tags using your smartphone

Parts Evaluation (Beta)


Publishing advertisements on all platforms
Sales analytics
Individual showcase for each client
Spare parts assessment based on Big Data
Displaying prices for competitor spare parts in the form of a visual graph
Calculation of recommended price based on market data
Time saving due to import, automatic disassembly of the machine for spare parts and description templates
Mobile application and PC version with separate accounts for employees
Receipt notes for grouping spare parts and step-by-step work with them
Development of flexible and powerful online shops
Invoices and sales receipts
Flexible settings for publishing to marketplaces

Solve problems

Optimization of spare parts input

With our car partitioning software, the process of entering data about cars purchased for sale becomes as simple and efficient as possible. The program will automatically divide cars into spare parts, correctly naming each of them taking into account key search parameters such as body, year of manufacture and model range. All you have to do is add photos and set prices.

We offer a service to automatically import your entire spare parts database from any platform and in any format at your request, ensuring seamless integration.

Thanks to our description templates, you will save time on preparing advertisements, and your personal manager will help you determine OEM and cross-numbers, making it easier for customers to find the necessary spare parts in your range.

Simplify your parts management and increase your sales with our program!

Optimization of warehouse management

In response to requests from our customers, we have significantly expanded the capabilities of the auto-parsing program, including comprehensive warehouse management functionality.
Now you have complete freedom to organize your warehouse space: easily configure and update warehouse information, row and shelf locations, and assign each part a unique storage location. For ease of inventory, each spare part receives an individual article with the ability to add a prefix.

With the ability to print QR code labels on a regular label printer, you can easily identify any spare part using our mobile code scanning app.

Manage a large warehouse without the need to invest in expensive, specialized equipment. All you need is a laptop, an affordable label printer, and your smartphone. This solution not only reduces your costs, but also significantly increases the efficiency of your warehouse.

Optimize pricing with Market Price (beta)

Find out the optimal price of a spare part with the "Market price" function in our spare parts accounting system. Our StockVision tool allows you to customize prices by comparing them with competitors' offers on the market. Gain an edge by always knowing how your pricing stacks up against the competition with clear market value displays from your inventory.

StockVision will provide you with all the necessary information about competitor prices and current offers on the market, allowing you to confidently determine the cost of your spare parts. Use this tool to stay on top of pricing trends and tailor your pricing to be as competitive and profitable as possible.

Unload and quickly place your spare parts

Easy startup and instant placement of your parts

Launch and manage your parts inventory with the ease and comfort of using WhatsApp. Forget about filling out endless forms or communicating with managers. Your inventory is stored securely in the cloud and on your device for always-on access.

Your assortment is automatically placed on leading sites. We offer a free storefront that effectively attracts customers through search engines. Manage your parts directly from your mobile device, share links with customers, and close deals on the move. In addition, we develop multifunctional solutions for online spare parts stores.

Every sale is carefully analyzed, allowing you to estimate your return on investment on each vehicle, and automatically generate receipts and delivery notes in Excel format for easy record-keeping.
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